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    State of The Forum Address

    Member infighting is a waste of time, and, in my opinion, one of the chief elements that has decreased the overall quality of surf and non-surf related content on SI.

    I was part of 'Operation Hello;' the breaking point. I thought of it as a fun and humorous trolling/cross pollination of forums. There was never any talk of DOS attacks or anything; just the posting of a couple of stupid, somewhat-surf related threads. I completely understand how a rallying of this nature cannot be tolerated by the Admin.; at the same time, there were a couple of respected forum members involved in it, with nothing but humorous intent.

    There is a current crop of posters who have indeed taken the vitriol to new levels. Name calling, mom jokes, gutter humor, you name it. Though it has been, on occasion, worth a chuckle, I agree that it has thoroughly degraded the standard of communication around here.

    My opinion might not count for much, but I am completely against turning this into a 'Surfing Only' forum. Many of the respected, senior, core guys on here- the very ones who I have gleaned much of my surfing knowledge from- make occasional drunken 'nothing-to-do-with-surfing' posts, fight with each other, and dismiss out-of-line rookies (perhaps not frequently/harshly enough).

    I have learned about many things on here, and I have laughed many times. I surf alone about 90% of the time, guaranteed when it's cold, remotely sizable, or messy. I'm an hour away from the nearest legit, un-yuppified, not-a-clothing-boutique surf shop. In a way, this is my surf community, and as sad or pleasing as you may find that, it's the truth.

    I can't speak for anyone else, but I'll speak for myself. I'll try to keep the content less idiotic and more surf related, but I'll never give up my sense of humor. Or should I say 'humour'.

    "You can take my forum, but you'll never take .... MY FREEDOM!"

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    dude I'm with you. I never subscribed to this surf shop mentality anyway. I think I can relate when you say that this forum is your surfing community. I like the surf talk and I also like all the nonsense and shenanigans that go on on this site. Let's not banish people other than spammers, let's allow some freedom here. Well said / dog

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    Well said, Slashdog...if we can't laugh and have some fun here, then what's the point.

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    Careful guys Sandblasters already got axed for expressing similar thoughts! We got 2-3 new mods I saw registering accounts earlier so Big Brother is watching.

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    hmmm yes freedom is good and it is great but the questions is can freedom of speech be kept on a forum? it is already being weeded out of society, people everywhere are being jailed for it. im sick of people walking over the constitution like its a piece of trash.

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    Agreed. By the way, where did you score that pic of me?

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    yea I agree with everyone on here.i like the forums because theres always some funny stuff going on.yea u might learn a little something about surfing,but the classrooms in the lets keep the forum as its been,sad to see everyone getting banned.theres not going to be any funny ones left and then whats the point?

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    That's fine, man...I received a deserved infraction for use of vulgar language and I accept that and realize I was apologies to those that were offended by my words.

    I love this forum. I have learned a lot and try to help people as much as I can, but I also enjoy the jabs and comedy...I realize it has been getting a little out of hand, but I would be lying if I said I didn't get a good laugh out of the happenings from a few days ago.

    I appreciate all the work Micah puts into this site, and do not take it for granted...

    ...but, like Slashdog said I will not drop my sense of humor.
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    koki dont apologize for anything you do what ever. i want you to tell them with a smile merica and to suck it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Surfer0fDaSouth View Post
    koki dont apologize for anything you do what ever. i want you to tell them with a smile merica and to suck it.
    Is that you, sandblasters? is this me?