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    The empty can makes the most noise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seldom seen View Post
    Good riddance.
    110% agree with Seen.

    When wayne the insane first posted up, the response here on SI Forum was actually stunning in terms of the reaction from across this Forum's posters. I mean, people went off. People you never saw posting were posting: this guy has to go now.

    With all due respect to the mods, whoever they are, wayne instigated a LOT of the rancor on this site with his non-stop religious posts that had absolutely zero to do with surfing. Sure, he started off with his surfboards-fo-hayzeus bait & switch with the kiddies (which is what made people frothy), but wayne quickly abandoned that path for the jabbing of his proselytizing spear in people's eyes on SI Forum.

    Was a pleasant relief to see Micah step up & firmly tell wayne the insane to keep on truckin' to another pulpit.

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    See ya wouldn't want to be ya

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    I didn't really know you but if I understand your leaving

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    What I find funny is Wayne has been on here a lot since he "left" and is viewing this thread right now. I guess he is waiting to see if anyone begs for his return!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hanna View Post
    wayne was like some kind of mutant spamming-for-jesus troll hybrid. i agree he was the source of much discord and if there's a thread where admin told him to move on, i'm sorry i missed it.
    Yeah I can't remember where it was but he was doing his usual and the SI_Admin stepped in and told him straight up he was here with an agenda and to stop it. IIRC that's when Wayne supposedly bailed. Guess he wasn't here for surfing...

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Stupido View Post
    The empty can makes the most noise.
    Rattle,Rattle is sonfollower banned for LIFE?