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    This is not a lie - there is an insane Dutchman who goes by "The Dutchman" who is dirty and has rotten teeth and who is worth tracking down - he speaks English well and can put you in touch with who you need to be in touch with. If you go to a bar in Nosara, he will be there, making tracking him down much easier.

    Also, coconut harry is a d-bag, but many a fine tica works for him.

    Easy on the point. The locals are cool sharing waves, but the point seems to be for ticos only. Plenty of good sandbar action all over. Nosara is a real sweet place. Better 15 years ago, but still sweet.

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    The Dutchman is a triply dude. Hitchhiking from the fiesta about 15 yrs ago he picked us up in his old land rover drunk as hell thought I was gonna die that night. Surfing nosara is a good website & the surf is going off right now! Good luck

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    As long as you are in Guiones, you can walk to the surf. The Enchanted Forest or Kaya Sol are probably the cheapest places to stay around there without basically sleeping outside. A lot of places are getting pretty expensive there, even Harbor Reef (which has gone downhill a little but gotten more expensive, go figure). Eat at Rosie's for breakfast.

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    Thanks for the advice guys think i'm gonna pull the trigger on Kaya Sol hotel. one more question how easy is it to rent good boards in the area?

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    Quote Originally Posted by surfislife View Post
    Thanks for the advice guys think i'm gonna pull the trigger on Kaya Sol hotel. one more question how easy is it to rent good boards in the area?
    It's easy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lipsmacker View Post
    Ive been to the Tamarindo/Grande area and had a blast but not so cheap. I would like to hear from guys that have been to both Nosara and Playa Hermosa as to which would be the best place to go be able to walk from your room to the surf without breaking the bank. Also any other pros or cons of either place. Thanks.
    Lots of places in Playa Hermosa to stay right on the beach. One of the most consistent places in Costa in terms of having waves, but very different conditions and vibe then Nosara. I am guessing you may find beach-side accommodations cheaper in Hermosa.

    Hermosa with size is heavy, and hollow. Nosara with size is not heavy, more playful. The vibe in Nosara is more mellow. Hermosa has Jaco nearby, which has more nightlife action than Nosara if your in to that. Can be fun, in a kind of dirty way :-) I like Nosara better but both places are fun, just different

    If you rent a vehicle, there are places to go at both in the relative general vicinity to escape crowds. If you rent a board in Nosara, they may send a heavy security deposit debit to your credit card. If your Credit card has a good security check, they may reject it without your permission first. Happened to me at one place in Nosara. Rather than dealing with calling them, I ended up renting from Coconut Harry....he didn't do that, but I cant remember what arrangement I made.

    I rented in Hermosa once, and no deposit was taken, but the board was junk.

    Anyway, have fun!