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    Is this the worst (new) surfboard you've ever seen in a surfshop??? Melbourne FL

    While visiting some friends, I decided to pay a visit to Longboard House ( in Melbourne Beach Florida last week, and I was astonished at the lack of quality of a few of their new, fully priced, out in the open, surfboards.

    This surfboard shop has always been one of my favorites, fully stocked with really choice apparel and equipment. That's why I am so shocked by their decision to sell these crappy surfboards. Take a look at my attached photo and you'll see the incredible high price and super low build quality. Take a look at the color variation, the sanded through glass, etc.

    My only thoughts are that either Cannibal Surfboards has off-shored manufacturing to China or Longboard House is trying to give a bad shaper/glasser a start in the industry. I think the Made in USA label is probably bull sh#t. But that still doesn't explain the crazy $700 price.

    I Googled Cannibal Surfboards and Matt Kechele's factory came up. What's that about?

    In all the years I've been in surfing I've never seen something so egregious. Be careful if you're looking to purchase a surfboard from Cannibal.

    Is this the worst rip-off you've ever seen????

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