Dang, I think they look pretty badass. If yall haven't noticed there is a trend in color work these days on surfboards and I think these guys are a being a little bit bandwagonesque. Seems some board builders are into the sloppy "throw some color at it" look these days and I kind of like it. Is it the hipster influence, don't look like you care to much or you won't be cool? Those lost... free lap resin color jobs look real cool. The Panda shortboard things have some of that going on too with some sanded through colored hotcoats. Seen Rusty's painted foam slop colors here and there in strange hues like burgs and baby crap greens to mimic the resin color jobs with not a single piece of masking tape being used. And if they are that multi layer glass vacumed down to a rocker template style like the Coil pieces then they are a good product, long lasting and springy- but maybe to bouncy and a little chattery like the Surftechs ride IMHO. And that matte look turns shiny after the first wax and surf leaving them pretty smooth because no doubt it is a fairly fine grit sand job. Rock on Cannibal dudes.