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From what i can see, Firewire is not done at all. I personally love firewire for many reasons:

1) The boards have a longer life than PU boards.
2) Firewire was the first to really embrace the concept of volume, which is now widely used by most companies.
3) They have great shapes - especially on the small wave side, which is great for EC
4) My favorite surf shop stocks them, so that helps too! hah
5) They are all about innovations - for better or worse, it's great to see companies trying new tech. Some tech will be better than others, but surfboard tech will never go anywhere without companies willing to push the envelope.
And on that, they stand behind their product. I heard of some issues with their "Timber Tech" and they took back most boards and re-finished them free of charge.

However, I still liked my Sam Egan Resin8 better. they don't make my model anymore so FW it was.

My all time Fav shape is still my Boardworks Yancy Spencer.