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    Cool All watersports and surf lovers, to hat or not to hat?


    I am a SOCAL fashion guru/stylist and surf lover <3....

    I was wondering when you are out on the water, do you prefer to use a hat of some kind. If so, what kind? ( Neoprene surf hats/hoods, etc?????? )

    Protecting your skin in crucial and I was wondering what you do to keep the sun away???

    What's the best and most comfortable way to wear hat while surfing?


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    Never worn a hat in the water. I thought only cali kids and Hawaiian's did that sort of thing.

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    I usually wear a yamakah. Unless it's clean and glassy, then I'll go with the sombrero.

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    For serious though, if I know it's gonna be bright and sunny, I wear a visor. When I feel like I might lose it(duck diving or a take off) I pull it down around my neck. At the end of the day, my eyes aren't sun burnt.

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    On those cold morning sessions, I find this one quite fashionable:
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  6. Ski mask for work, pantyhose for play.

    Next question please.

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    worst thread ever. this is what we have become....

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    Exclamation yes to the hat

    surfer doooods are an at risk group for skin cancer. i speak from personal experience which
    includes melanoma though its cool cause i benefitted from early detection. i pull my hood on
    a little earlier and leave it on a little later. also in summer i use old baseball caps; most of
    the time i don't lose it. it is also worth mentioning that beware that sunscreens have
    an expiration date after which their effectiveness declines.

    if you're already in my boat YOU MUST see your dermatologist - i go 4x p/yr - and get used
    to the ICE CAN (freeze off technique). if you don't have insurance STILL GO but find the
    owner and try to negotiate the price. most can/will. best to address this issue in a direct

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    I don't wear a hat I feel like it would be a distraction or worry say if it falls off while on a wave someone may worry about not getting it back. I wear an attached hood in the winter because I have to or my ears and neck would freeze off

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    Quote Originally Posted by MakeItStop View Post
    worst thread ever. this is what we have become....
    this is not "what we have become", this some bimbo marketing major trying to get a bead on what the next big trend is going to be. notice that she hasn't posted again & this was her first post here. this is one of those threads where trolling is perfectly acceptable IMO.