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    University of Delaware has a two year program on a campus in leers for marine biology and there's coastal Carolina in sc, there's a good school on Virginia beach I forget what it's called but it's good for marine biology too. There's also university of Miami which Idt has very consistent swell. I'm also looking into east coast colleges so I can surf I like uncw
    I'm a UD alum. I believe the marine biology program is a graduate program only. You stay on site in Lewes, I think right on the beach. But I wouldn't recommend moving to DE for the surf right now though. I just moved away from that area and in the last few years watched all but one local surf spot get dredged into extinction.

    Also, my cousin went to Flagler and he had a few friends that were very good surfers there. So it might be the ticket. It's a nice part of Florida.
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