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    Board Review: Hayden Shred Sled King

    I've had a number of Hayden shapes over the last few years and my purged my quiver in early fall to be able to pay for this board as well as another shred sled--which I talked about in the past on SI. Basically, I saw this shape last year on the Hayden site and called 'em about it. Said it wasn't an official model back then but they would send the file over to Pure Glass in CA if I wanted it shaped up. Didn't have the funds after I gambled on another design that was a bit unique--however, made the commitment to purchase this one this fall.

    Just picked it up last night but wish it came in last week!!!! Designed for head+ waves, and can't wait to get it into it into the water. Thinking it's going to replace my step-up!!!

    Ride report will be forthcoming...
    Dims: 5'11\"x18 3/4\"x2 3/8\" approx. 27.5 ltrs.
    Fins: Machados (front fin), 375 rears
    Description found HERE

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    this thing looks sick. good luck with it. love the fin setup too. should be nice and fast and insane in the barrel. the rear quads look like they are close enough to prevent that weird uncontrollable sliding out you sometimes get with quads. definitely update with a ride report.

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    That looks like such a nice board, I've always wanted to try a haydenshape but none of my friends have them and they are so expensive

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    THat thing looks awesome. BTW, that shred sled you sold me is unreal. by far my favorite board. bought a hypto too.

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    that board looks awesome tom! I can't wait to drop in on you. ha ha! by the way your link isn't working

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    @krl stoked you still have that board...almost wished I got another 5'8" as my custom just a bit thicker and an inch longer and it just seems huge...but it's all in my head. Just looking forward to getting it in the water.

    @santiago...yea man I'm pretty stoked--drop away I don't mind sharing a wave ;-)...fixed the link.

    Picking up fins today will post them up today...