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    Nicaragua dreaming

    Hello all….

    Just wanted to pop my head up so to speak and introduce myself as it's my first time posting here.

    My name is Jeff Tome and I am the owner and GM of Marlindo Resort, in Popoyo, Nicaragua. We are primarily a hotel catering to surfing and fishing oriented vacationers and we also offer other amenities such as a skilled and creative culinary staff in our soon to open restaurant (June) with sushi nights and the freshest of seafood that guests most likely caught that day and many other services to make your vacation in Nicaragua a memorable one.

    My entire life has been spent with either a fishing pole in my hand or a surfboard under my feet, and I have been running sport fishing and surfing charters in Nicaragua for over 10 years. If you have any questions regarding sport fishing, surfing, travel advice to Central America, or anything else, please feel free to drop me a line on this forum or my site and I'll be happy to answer anything I can.

    PS - We also have a fundraiser going on right now until March 15 to help support the Getaboard Foundation, which works with homeless and at risk youth through sk8, surf, art, and educational programs. For a small donation to help these kids you could win a($6k value) all inclusive surf and fish vacation for four to Nicaragua at our new resort! Not meaning to spam, but it's for a great cause and you can get more details here.**************************************************

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    I've always wanted to go to Nicaragua

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    Damned Nicaraguan SPAMdinista

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    how safe is popoyo? looks epic

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    why would this be considered spam. It's been a long time since I have been in a forum setting as I kind of live in a bubble in Nicaragua. Did I do something wrong?

    surfer 420....Nicaragua is the safest country in all of central america and popoyo is VERY safe. I am raising my family there and have been there for more than 10 years now.

    Just like anywhere in the world you have to be smart about keeping your game tight and by that I mean preventative maintenance. YOu can't just have your head in the clouds. I have a good relationship with the local NIcaraguans and I also have 3 big dogs and knock on wood I've never had a serious problem. There is some petty thievery but besides that I feel safer there than lets say downtown Miami (just a example...
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    Spamdanista!!! haha it!!!!

    Surfing N.J....I've got quit a few friends from N.J. who come down often and myself I am a Jersey boy..

    OH and by the way this Fundraiser is legit. I have donated a $6,000 vacation out of my pocket for an all inclusive surf and fish vacation. We've got the support of Surf expo who sponsors the 's booth at expo every year. Carver skateboards out of California is one of the main sponsors headed by Abraham Paskowitz of the famous surfing family the Paskowitz's along with quite a few other big names in the industry who wish to remain anonymous.....This thing is legit..... Not spamming at all....
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    naw man, if you had just made this post and not actually answered somebody *cough *cough mods..... may have thought it was spam. i'll buy a ticket when i get my check in the bank today. Thanks for sharing the love brotha man.

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    right on 757 thanks.....the contest runs through March 14th 2014......As of now there are 160 tickets in the raffle que so to speak..the largest donation we have received to date has been $500 which gave the donator 75 tickets...The odds on this one are very very good for the participants. I imagine in total by the end of the contest that there will be around 300 tickets total..... this is legit and someone is gonna win a bad ass surf and fish vacation with your's truly.....For me it's all about the kids and the work they do every week hands on in areas of inner cities. There are a couple other organizations out there that collect sk8 decks and hold them till christmas time then they do one massive dump to who knows who and then leave the inner city. Our organization is hands on every week working with these kids. Thanks for your support.

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    Promoting support for a foundation that helps homeless and at risk kids through action sports - awesome, not spam flag worthy. I've been to Nicaragua once, and stayed at the Surf Sanctuary. It was a really great trip, and I look forward to going back there some time.

    I do want to say, when users, abuse the system simply to promote self interests, then its moves toward the spam flagging. But, promoting discussion in the surf realm is what this forum is for.
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    I have a foundation for at risk kids and homelessness. Iffin' I don't get some money, I'll be forced to beat my kids and put them on da skreets. GIMME!