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    thank you for that SI ADMIN!!!!This is definitely about the kids. I am just up the road closer to Guasacate from Tony and the surf sanctuary. When my bookings for fishing charters are full I send my overflow to Tony at the surf sanctuary and vice versa them with me. I am just before you get to popoyo surf lodge coming from la salinas..IF you took a boat trip with tony then you probably have seen me and my boat MARLINDO which is kept and launched from the same mini bay as where the sanctuaries Explorador is kept. Any plans to return this year?

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    done. now im entered in two contests, one for a trip to fiji and now this one, if i win either one, i might literally explode with happiness

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    Thank you 757 for your generous donation. I have just now sent out your electronic ticket to you. Good luck amigo. You just helped put together a new skate deck for the kids to use. If you guys out there haven't checked out the fund raiser for the I hope you will at least check out the foundations site. Either way...thanks always with Aloha. Jeff
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