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Thread: Surftech boards

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    Wow...that is pretty brutal...

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    must be noco_surfer on the nsp there...

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    I have about 13 boards right now I think. After years of looking down my nose at Surftechs and plastic boards in general, I recently bought a 90$ ,9'2" x 22" x 2 3/4" as a temporary longboard replacement while my go-to log is getting a delam repaired. I've really come to like the board. It came with a 9" fiberglass, Lucy K Fin (which I really like) and 2 Ofishl side bites, which I removed. I find that the board is light underfoot, responsive, and maneuverable. Yesterday, the waves were poor, 1-3', and mushy so I grabbed the Surftech. I went to my local beach break and seemed to have it all to myself for as far as I could see. The pier, a good mile or more away appeared to have a few surfers and better waves; but I was too lazy to head that far away. After about an hour, two young men in their late teens or early 20's, a body boarder and a surfer paddled out. I did not recognize them as being locals. Being the only person at a beach break for at least 500 yards in either direction, they decided that the best place to surf must be right where I was. This didn't bother me as neither were catching any waves and mostly were just flopping around in the white water. However, after about 20 minutes, the surfer paddled over to within 10 feet of me. No big deal until he decided to take off on the same wave that I was going for. Being on the inside, I looked left (the wave was a right) and then took off directly parallel to the wave face. I looked right and saw as I popped up that the surfer was still paddling for the wave, I set my trim and thought to myself, "this guy's not even going to look, he's just going to drop right in." I then thought, "I should kick out" and as I went to do so I had a second thought, "I should run this kook over, I have a Surftech." As I was already angling my nose over the lip of the wave, I took a quick cross step back, did a quick pivot and turned my board back down the face of the wave, this time with even more speed. The young man still did not look back and had finally popped unsteadily to his feet. I took aim and plowed my giant, plastic board right into the left rail of his pristine white, EPS, Chemistry potato-chip with a cry of "WATCH OUT, F***IN KOOK!" while leaping off my board and behind the wave. He came up spitting water, apologizing and inquiring "Is your board okay?" "Don't drop in, understand?" I growled at him. I did not bother to inquire as to the condition of his board. I don't wear a leash while longboarding, so I walked the 30' into shore to retrieve my board. After that the two young men paddled a 100 or so yards down the beach, hopefully alittle wiser. My board was of course in the same shape that it was prior to being used as a battling ram. So if your goal is to run over kooks without having to worry about your board, I highly recommend a Surftech. I'm thinking of painting a big, toothy mouth on the nose of mine.
    I demand the several minutes of my life back that it took to read this shpeckle.

    Having said that rather useless remark, Surftech boards don't seem to paddle well for me. And when I ding them I have found that melting a latex dummy often cures that ding better than factory original. So bear that in mind the next time you're ramming kooks or Maine walls or latex luv dolls in barns.
    Not a huge fan of Surftech products. Always support local shapers, coast to coast & nationwide.

    Surf's up.

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    I knew gopros were good for something.

    Also, they ought to have a male and female side on the gopros. For men the cam is installed facing the wave, for women the cam is facing the rider. I mean if I've gotta watch 2 minutes of a surfer's crotch....

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    Sorry to return to the original thread topic, but wanted to add to discussion of Surftech/tuflite...
    I'm sure that everybody realizes that Tuflite is only 1 line of the Surftech brand, the Ultraflx line is more of an epoxy sanded finish brand... the Surftech sight shows a bunch of models... I know several really good experienced surfers who like their 6 - 6'6" fish. So they probably don;t suck.

    I've compared tuflite models with the PU versions of 3 different models and found that on the tuflite boards there is a loss of articulation of the bottom contour, features that kinda define the essence of the board. On each of the 3 comparisons, the double concave and vee are really smoothed out. I think this happens somewhat on Computer shaped versions of most boards, but when you add in the outer plastic sandwich on the tuflites, bottom contour is compromised. (boards I checked were Merrick flyer, M13, and Walden LB)

    I owned a tuflite flyer, liked the indestructibility, bought it used, surfed it for 3 yrs and traded it for what I paid (all good). It surfed okay..... I'm not a fan of tuflite longboards... they seem too light - they bounce around and setting trim seemed weird - I guess folks get used to it - I didn't.

    I don;t think I'll buy another tulfite board, but will check out the various fish shapes in the Ultraflx line.

    oh, re the guy who tried to decap the kids -- yeah its a d**k move, lucky nobody got hurt.... not a big deal we've all had our moments and the kids learned that pissed off guys can be s**theads...

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    Looked like she was down for the count after that hit, her leg is just dangling on top of the water and she doesn't seem to be paddling up for air. Hopefully she's OK. Good thing it wasn't a pointy HPSB, I guess.

    Yes, he has the right of way, but does that excuse him not straightening out and avoiding her?