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    How about them waves today?

    Well, here we go. Saw the sun for the first time in 4 days. Surf cleaned up nice....chest high on sets. Low tide was good and the water was warm 68* and air was 80*.No wetsuit for me and the kids. Hope all is well .....looks like a lot of excitement going in the SI world.


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    Sounds great. Glad you had fun.


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    Where are you now, simod....?? Ban this psychotic, grotesque, evil pig wayne the insane.

    Here wayne goeth the reason for all the problems at SI Forum. wayne the insane was specifically requested by Admin Owner Big Boss Man Micah to go away. Yet, here wti goes again: wayne the insane will claim that he's talking about surfing, but he's really throwing barbs at people in re: what happened with MSW - - and what happened was because of wayne the insane's direct actions.

    He knows it, you know it. wti sits there giggling, thinking he's slick. Mentions surfing & mentions his "kids" that he lures into surfing with free gear linked to atrip in his white van of perversion. He loves the attention, he'll likely post a poll about hayzeus effing keerist the ultimate evil in human history.

    PJB got baned. RCarter got banned. Sandblaster got banned. Everyone else left standing has to walk on eggshells & post softcack junk. This guy, wayne the insane, is not banned?? That's just wrong.
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    gnomes suck
    insane people who offer surfboards to lure children into rape vans are worse than gnomes

    Bring back RCarter ! Restore this SI Forum to not only equilibrium but righteous HOTY candidacy once more!


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    Yeah.. He sucks.


    Quote Originally Posted by retracR View Post
    I heard that Rcarter guy will be back on Feb 3rd after 9:24am. That will suck when he comes back!

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    Open the floodgates of free speech, heathens & partisans one & all! In other words, bring back the BanBuoys and while the pen of liberty is flourished above the clean wave faces the world over, bring back the shredmachine!

    What Admin has spoken let no simod rend asunder!


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    Definitely not that warm up here in jersey but the sun has come out a few days I've went surfing recently

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    No more SPAM from Wayne the Insane, isn't that what was said, his last hashtag says it all, just another dig to get the crap rolling, c'mon S.I., do something about this freak.....amen

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    I'm neutral on sonoffollower. I don't know him and I don't want to. I don't mind if he posts or not. I know you guys disagree with his existence. However, you guys are gratifying his posts with responses (albeit well thought). Since SI Mods/admins won't ban him, let his threads die.

    So There is no hijacking here,

    As far as the waves today- Delaware was knee high and glass with no form. shutting down right on beach. I did surf solo and the water was kind of clear so I will just take that as a win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by retracR View Post
    I heard that Rcarter guy will be back on Feb 3rd after 9:24am. That will suck when he comes back!
    Spelled backwards, clever! HAHA