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    Surf rack on motorcycle...

    Anyone make a mod like the pic below? Seen 'em on a scooter but couldn't imagine riding at around 50mph going onto a barrier island with a strong wind...thoughts?

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    we did something like that for Roni Munge bike when he 17 so he could get from The Cabinas Vista Hermosa to Esterios Oeste.

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    All I know is on a honda ruckus riding over the bridge in the wind it was scary as hell. Also slowed the scooter down by 20%.

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    there are a ton of threads on this topic and i think they all pretty much come to the same conclusion. 30+ MPH = major speed wobbles!

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    I tried it on an old dirt bike many years ago. Besides the horrific speed wobbles (which will definitely cause you to crash), the fact that the bike will forever want to turn to the side of the board (and will do so violently), and the major blindspot created (you don't realize it, but when you ride, you're looking down and back), it's a great idea. It worked way better than the bike rack I tried to put on my Ducati, physics is still mad at me about that one...