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Thread: What wetsuit...

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    What wetsuit...

    ...Do you guys typically surf in during the beginning of April in NJ?

    4/3? 5/4/3?

    Also, where can I get cheap wetsuits?



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    Bro, there's these two sick new things that can help you.

    First, for the type of wetty: search tool on SI forum. Mad threads on this.

    Next, for cheap wettys: this thing called Lougle, which is a similar "engine" type of virtual structure, yet not just for a surf forum but for the whole webernet. Once you search "wetsuit sales" in Lougle you'll want to click on the "Shopping" button at the top. Not to be confused with "shotting" which is a useful search in and of itself but don't want to be shotting wettys.

    Oh ya, Whiskey Militia is straight chronic for deals on all gear.

    Side note: it was a rainy night in Honeyton but the dance floor was live and the cougs were on the fiercest patrol ever, like they was some keystone predators looking to purify the waters. Wow. True story.


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    Here we go again go to wetsuit warehouse or something get a 4/3 and 5.7/4.3/3.8

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    April in NJ is still pretty cold. You need a top notch, taped and sealed 4/3. Rip Curl F-bomb or similar in other brands. I've scored some good deals right now on 4/3's by finding last year's model still on a surf shop rack.

    1 - you can try it on, 2 - you shop local, 3 - you have recourse if something's not right.

    You only need a 5/4 in NJ if you're going to surf any of the "winter" months. IMO.

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    I have a 4/3 oneill suit that's really warm I wear it in april