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    Free beer and hot wings

    Hey coons, I thought I'd share my favorite radio talk show with you guys. Here's a fun video.

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    What makes me sick is two things.

    1 bieber has more money than I will ever have in my life

    2 news stations waste resources to cover this crap.

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    Anyone else seeing a free beer and hotwings advertisement on SI??

    Funny how I post a thread for FBHW and then they post a ppc ad campaign ..

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    Hahaha, you said coons.

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    I love free beer and hotwings. I got to meet the cast at an event in Maine. So funny.
    They sure do live to rip justin bieber apart !

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    Watch this ? Wtf ?? Lol !

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    Quote Originally Posted by White Sea Ape View Post
    That actually made me a little sick!

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    Me too I won't post bad ones like that but some are really funny and really random

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    Check out the link. How funny !!? Wayne is from Florida...