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    Have to agree with you.... Samao would probably be where I dig my fins in!

    There are also a few really good spots in the Caribbean....Virgin Islands, Bahamas, etc... Probably a little more fickle though. You really have to hit it at the absolute precise moment out there. With Samao I can guarantee you're going to score something, somewhere!

    Though Alaska, Cali, New England are all very picturesque and do have some good waves, when it comes down to it I'm just not a cold water person. I'll do it if I absolutely have too but if the option is there I'm sailing in warmer waters!

    Thanks again for that pict.... made my day! Truly is one of those you can just stare at and feel it!

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    i'm totally fine w/ cold, but this winter has just been down right frigid & i'm over it. i'm having trouble remembering the last time at least some part of me wasn't even a little chilly. i have a mild case of raynaud's disease, so keeping my hands & feet warm is almost impossible. ask this same question in july or august though, & i'll prob. say something like the canadian maritimes or vancouver. i like uncrowded surf more than i like being warm, so i'm willing to venture north to get away from the masses that seem to have found every tropical niche.

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    VA beach. Brown water. Long shelf. Narrow swell window. Water temps rival the arctic circle. Anything over 10 seconds closes out. New yorkers come here for vacation. The only thing worse than a new yorker is a new yorker on vacation.

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    I'd probably go with brewengineer and chicharone on a trip to Niburu.