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    Shark or dolphin? A trip down the east coast...

    I'm from New England but I'm down south surfing for the week. I figured I would post my surf trip on here as it progresses because... because I am a narcissist and I seek approval from strangers? Probably?

    Sunday: We were out at Tybee Island GA by the jetty picking up choppy (blue) thigh highs and the occasional belly high. Lefts and rights, crumbly but the occasional barrel being pitched, I was lucky enough to snag one. I paddled out on the new ...Lost Couch Potato and fell in love. The thing picks up like a 9' long board and is surprisingly responsive. My old lady is on a 7' custom made by McDermott Shapes of ME and that thing cleans up on small-medium waves. SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY IS NO JOKE. I've never seen a friendlier line up. People were offering up waves, sharing waves, passing up waves because they thought the other guy was in a better position, and very outgoing. Granted the waves weren't good enough to fight over, but nonetheless everybody was abnormally friendly. Three girls in the line-up, all of whom could surf, and were 9-10s of some freckled presumably Irish descent. My girlfriend agreed, and we got to thinking that northern New England beach goers are generally disgusting white trash with sleevless American Flag eagled out shirts and a diabetic marsupial fupa pouch, or beautiful French Canadians. A New England 10 is a Georgia 4. Anyway, one of the 10s spotted a fin. "Shark or dolphin?" is not a game I am used to playing. On the other hand "Whale or Mainer?" is a little more up my alley. The last three of us in the water got out about 30 minutes before dusk at the site of the fin, and I may have peed a little involuntarily when she mentioned it. For dinner we ate out in Savannah---fried gator fingers and gator gumbo for appetizers, shrip po' boy, and a steak salad.

    Monday: Afternoon session at Burke's Beach on Hilton Head Island, SC, of knee highs, and the occasional waist high set. Not all that powerful but clean enough and down the line lefts and rights. HHI is not the ideal spot to surf, but I have an in with crashing here for free. Oh, and only one other dude in the water. Some younger skinny dude on a shortboard and a sponge (boardrobe change) that was working the ish out of some small surf. Kid shreds. Fun fun day on the Couch Potato. I was really amazed that I could pick up and surf knee highs on a 6' board. Hail the Potato. Dinner: lobstah, shrimp, and jasmin rice.

    Tuesday: Afternoon Hilton Head (Burkes) session of CHOPPY rippy currenty waist highs with the occasional rogue chesty. Mostly mushy but the waves on HHI are super shouldery and there is an occasional huge barrel that gets tossed out on certain sections. There is a "winter storm" by southern standards passing through the south, and the wind was whipping. The current was extremely strong--freaky strong. Spend most of my time kooked out standing in belly high water trying to stay stationary. Caught a few decent waves but was more concerned with not drowning and making sure the ol' lady didn't have one of those "you dragged me out here" low blood sugar meltdown moments. Then I saw another fin---time for another round of "Shark or dolphin?"!!! I kept looking in that direction about 75 yards away and I saw it swimming with a wave--no joke---like a hallmark card. But it happened so fast and my eyesight is average at a distance so I couldnt tell if it was a shark or dolphin. I alerted the Mrs. and we started paddling in---as the tide had come in a bit we realized that we were on a sandbar and hit that creepy deep part before the shore. Its not usually creepy, but when you see a mysterious fin, it becomes extra creepy. Made it to shore and spotted the fin a few more times. 80% sure it was a dolphin, but 20% uncertainty mixed with sub-par surf = time to call it. The stitching on my Excel 6/5 left chest/armpit started coming undone. I only need a 4/3 right now, but the 6/5 was extra toasty with the air in the 40s and the whipping wind. Dinner: steelhead trout and veggie pasta.

    More to come...
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