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Thread: Wetsuit Mods

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    Thanks hdebk. I had a shaper make me a board with the exact dims of the 5-10 hypto and I love it. But I want something slightly more performance angled...but not much. My board is great for most waves, im 5-10 177. But with the bigger swells this winter, its hard to get all that volume down on pressure duckdives. Im thinking 5-8 shred sled dimensions but with a tad more thickness and maybe 19 across so it still paddles like a fish. Thanks, good luck. Again I've seen guys wearing a 4-3 mutant this winter and the best bet is tell your parents that your professor is making you get 2 more expensive books, take the cayshe and get a 5-4...but get good grades.

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    I can sell you a barely used ripcurl F bomb 5 mil hooded suit for very cheap. I think it's a size L.