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    Quote Originally Posted by cepriano View Post
    sometimes I feel bad for surfers because theres so many ways to get under their skin.thats why I never talk shyt to anyone on or near the beach lol...

    think about it.u piss some guy off then go in the water..

    this guy can
    a)steal ur stuff on the beach
    b)go break into ur car
    c)throw rocks at u when ur in the water.

    my buddy in Manasquan was telling me the other day he wants to wait til summer when all the kooks come invade his spot and hes gonna shoot everyone with paintballs who takes off on the wave.and knowing him he probably will,and hell probably go to jail.something about ocean county people,there missing a few screws in the head.out of all the places iv been in ocean county,all I can say is they have big mouths
    FYI Manasquan is in monmouth county.

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    border lines mean nothing.u have the squan and on the opposite side is point,which is ocean county.i don't really spend time in Manasquan,but I been around brick/montoloking for some years now.i know a lot of ppl from point,some are cool,some are just rich old boss is from point,and he was a big time surfer in the 80s,and hes a d1ck.all I can say is they like to break balls

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    Quote Originally Posted by knockohara View Post
    I didnt ding this guys board, but i was in the car that did. He thought the driver was 100% at fault. Wouldnt claim any responsibility, and demanded 80 bucks for a repair. He got no money and had to deal with it. As we were awkwardly standing near this guy with his newly dinged glassed on twin fin, another local surfer said from his car nearby, "You shouldn't have to pay for that" to us. We didn't, and I don't think the driver was in the wrong.

    Good for you guys. Totally not your fault. Not that its an excuse but the guy may have just been so upset about dinging his board that he had a moment of being an irrational prick. Happens to us all at some point in life as much as we'd all hate to admit it.... On a side note a few years ago a kid badly dinged my brand new board and he was totally at fault. Without going overboard I let him know how pissed off I was and he offered to pay for the repair at the shop. I thought 'sure you will buddy' but I brought my board there and sure enough the kid paid for it! And this was not a minor ding at all either. Huge fin gouges on the rails and across the bottom of the board so it probably cost him some decent change. Everyone once in awhile people stand up and take responsibilty. Wish it was the case more often but it definitely does happen.

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    Seriously...its the moron who left the board behind your car!

    Fully deserves it it they're that dumb!

    Survival of the fittest.....