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    on the coooooolllllddddd days in vb, and don't joke, we are sub 40 right now, I wear a pair of smartwool wool socks under my booties. Wool is still warm even when wet and it is basically what Patagucci is doing to charge air jordan prices for their booties.

    I got a pair of the R5s on sale at a local shop. Best boots I've ever worn, feet have been toasty every session. I'm convinced wool is the greatest insulator on earth.

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    My feet get cold no matter what. Trudging through the snow and the spongeiform sand; cold, cold, cold.

    I get that I could wear wool socks underneath my booties when in the water.

    But what about the trudge through the snow? I hate how cold and dirty my booties get before even surfing. Do any of you guys put bags or something over your booties? I'm thinking of getting some oversized winter boots (probably gore-tex) to put over them. Who knows, might even help in the water- warmth + traction, how could it not?
    Why would your booties get dirty? Unless you walk to your spot from your house. I normally suit up in "my" truck. I also wash my accessories and suit after every use. You?
    ories and

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    I wear a pair of lava core socks under my 7 mil booties. i have bad circulation in my feet, tho. I am waiting for the technology they use in those thermolution shirts (flexible heating wires) to get used in boots and gloves. It is not a big step to run the internal wire down the leg of a wetsuit or sleeve and plug it into a boot or mitt. Ferchrissakes we've had this for motorcycle riding in winter for years!