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You guys ever use marine grade resins? Sometimes that's all I've got access to but I've refrained from it this far.
I've used West Systems 105 epoxy on hand planes and alaias, and it works really well if you want a super glossy surface. The regular 205 hardener has a slight yellowish tint which is not noticeable when laminating over wood or if applied in a thin layer over paint, but on a surfboard you might want the special 207 hardener which cures clear. The 207 is twice the price of 205 though...

I think marine resins tend to be more expensive than other types of resins. Just less than 3 pints of 105 resin + 205 hardener costs 50% more than 3 pints of RR Kwik Kick. I've read good things about Green Room resin but never tried it.