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Sorry had to cut that last post short. The BIG boss just walked into the trailer that is our office on the work site. This guy is a 300 pound behemoth with concrete slabs for hands. Scary dude. My point was don't get jaded with hurricane hype. Some of the funnest days are those small Summer days where everyone out there is just goofing and hooting. That's what this is all about right? FUN.
I agree,sometimes those are the best sessions.i love the summertime at the beach after 7pm.we used to have big bbqs,drink some beers after a good little sesh.I feel like u can push urself so much more when the water is trunkable.pulling into shorebreak closeouts turn out to be fun.

I feel like some ppl on here don't know what surfing is truly about,u know having fun.i don't see the need for anyone to start a thread saying they had the best sesh of their life today.some people just want the credit for being out there I guess.i saw something the otherday on court tv about these guys who pulled off the ultimate bank robbery,got away with it,then decided to call the radio station to brag to people so they get the credit.well an off duty cop who happened to be listening to the radio,traced the call and nabbed the suspects.why do it,if u want to tell the whole world about it.surfers used to be cooler.now everyone is getting bored so they have to explain their lives.just write a book!!!