Uugghh I hate the fair weather surfer. Seriously to hell with ya.

Fair weather surfers brag all year about rippin cane swell brah and have zero etiquette. Everything always sucks bro. They **** up you politely approach and they get ****ty. You flip and everyone turns on you because thy too are fair weather surfers that are there to have fun but cause the most injuries. Bro I hate leashes but you can't control chit.

Man are you serious. I can't use punctuation. M walking dog and on an iPhone. Ok I'm not a surfer. I have an iPhone and my hands is cold. A real surfer wouldn't have a phone but I do. Whoever saw that coming. I'm heated.

Why surf in the wintr time. Dude surfing rules. How the hell didhttp://www.mommyskitchen.net/2008/07/delilahs-limeade-and-its-story.html?m=1 you get into college. Are you a spoiled rich kid with an iPhone. That goes on international surfing adventures. Most folks seem to be so I got an iPhone to monitor their progress. Use that limeaid recipe I inadvertently inserted and write about that. My hands cold go surf or die. Next question.

It smells like straight piss right here and I blame this thread.