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    Surfing and like many other water sports are not a seasonal thing . Most are a way of life , culture and passion . Weather its in 38 degree water or 78 .either you put a 5mil on or save up and head to warmer climates . But surfing in the winter here in the northeast , takes hardcore passion . Going threw a whole 3 months without out a single wave , sounds harsh .. no wind , no waves , so depressed .

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    Ya brah, if you ain't jonesing without it then how good is that fix that finally does come around? You can probably pass it up then too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slashdog View Post
    Motherf*cker was heating up a sandwich with the hand dryer.
    White or wheat?

    If white, he was most definitely homeless.

    If wheat, he was a clever cosmopolitan.

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    I love a honkin NNE wind. I had very fun waves this morning. Sorry for derailing your thread.

    Why surf? I will say it is effin fun. The weird high tide with those 20+ mph winds make it somewhat clean. Getting into that gonna break any second waves that rifle left (backside for me) is nice. We get a lot of rights and lefts are necessary to practice. I would say I do a lot more lefts in the winter due to the Northerly winds.

    Everyone is always going right. Get your practice going left dude. It will force you to learn cutbacks. I like going right. Heck, I love it. We seem to get more southerly winds in the south. Take advantage of the different conditions. The perspective gained will make you appreciate this "cane" swells all the bros refer to.

    Hey, is anyone going to the Boxx tonight? Chos for you older heads. Ima tell everyone how much I rip...

    farts on their beer

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