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    There's a handful of shops on the north Oregon coast that do rentals- Cannon Beach surf is a cool little family run place- They rent all the goods in the summer- not sure about his rental biz this time of year though. There's a couple of shops in Seaside too. Personally I like Seaside surf- they gave me a good deal on my last new stick plus there's a couple of hotties working there- because, you know, that's important too.

    Oh if you're in Portland-proper there's Gorge Performance. They have a big rental selection and actually let you test drive new board models.

    And yeah- someone mentioned earlier about the winter swell never dropping below chest-shoulder high here- that's the truth. I don't think I've surfed in anything smaller that 4'-6' since Xmas. And even at the most 'popular' breaks here you can get solitude this time of year. Last Friday it was me and my buddy and one other dude in the water at what is arguably the most popular spot on the north coast (Short Sands aka Oswald West aka Smuggler's Cove.)

    Granted, it was 6-9' and thumping and a biyatch of a paddle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EmassSpicoli View Post
    Thanks mattybrews and the others. I remember when you were contemplating the move back 8-9 months ago. Glad it's worked out! I've spent time out there in the summer a few years back so know all about the beauty. Anything that isn't pure gnarl? I've had the leash snap recently and not stoked for the sequel.

    These two weeks of flat aren't helping my paddle muscles which were in fine shape until then. I'll get out on the flat for a workout this weekend then looks like we are getting a few bumps Tuesday. I'll be out there next weekend. Looks good size each day on the extended report. Hope it doesn't get blown out like when I was in SF.

    Planning on bringing a stick out there. A bit more volume and length per usual for paddling?
    Looking like you might get a break on Saturday as things shrink down and more importantly, clean up. Keep your eyes peeled. All the days surrounding it look like they're going to be big and choppy/disorganized. Saturday might be a good day for your 5'10". Good luck dude, and an advanced welcome to the other side of the continent! Oh, and watch out for logs. Seriously.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mattybrews View Post
    Oh, and watch out for logs. Seriously.
    Yeah- both the "just torn from the clutches of NW dirt" and "single fin" variety.

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    Dude, I tried to reply to your PM's but your inbox is too full so they won't go through. Anyway, hope you were able to get something. It's been pretty big and blown out here the last few days. Cleaned up today from what I heard so I hope you were able to get on it. Cheers man!

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    Thanks to mattybrews, NWsquid and kidrock for their repeated helpful advice here and on PMs. That is truly community treatment and I hope to repay that to them in some way or at least the forum community.

    I got out to Westport and it was beauty weather but finicky conditions. That tide window is very tight. Pretty awesome that there's three different types of breaks all side by side by side. Interesting area as well and extremely peaceful. Quick anecdote: as I pulled up to Groins when I first got there, this dude with a tool belt walks a hundred yards from a work site to me in my rental and asks if I need "a good electrician". Aside from the rental busting a fuse or harness, I have no idea how the dude could've postulated I'd have any need for any electrical service. Good chance he was a tweaker. I told him I was all set.

    I got down to OR as well on Sunday and that's a great drive from Seattle. These are 2-5 hour drives from the cities to the breaks but it's not exactly Rte 90 in Upstate NY or 81 in Virginia. This is God's Country. I'm talking salmon fisheries and the aroma of what earth once had before industrial and man-made waste. It's like SF but not as inclined and even cooler.

    I'm headed back out there in 2 weeks and confident I'll score better. There's swell every day and you're just playing the wind and swell direction games. This was a great recon run to grab hold of breaks from the Strait to Lincoln. Seaside has 18-27ft coming on Sunday. Good thing I dodged that but it would've been cool to see.

    What an area. I could do time there and maybe not look back. People are intelligent, things are beautiful and clean and interesting, pave is epic as I described previous, and the female gene pool is impeccable. If I had to rate the fitness of offspring relative to natural selection of looks, smarts, self-sufficiency, etc., I might put the PNW (urban/suburban) above some European spots I've visited. Wow. And to top it off I got to see some great friends and do good things for others while I was there.

    You buoys are fortunate cats up there!

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    Glad to see you made it back in one piece bro. You just missed it by a fraction that one day, and you would have been claiming hard. Like the others have said, there's often too much swell over here during this time of year. When it's that big, you wind up looking for "boutique" breaks like the finger jetties...the coast is just endless soup lines with south wind.

    You'll score dude...just time the tide a smidge better and you'll be all over it like Spandex on a Fat Mexican.

    P.S.---I managed to scoop up one of those PNW beauties when I first relocated. I know exactly what you mean. And she wasn't even a tweaker.

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    Glad you dug it here man. For a peek at what a world-class spot here can do when conditions are right, check out the big wave show that was green-lighted for today:

    Nelscott Reef just off of Lincoln City, Oregon. The women's competition was this morning. I think the men's starts around 4:30 PST.

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    Damn, brah! I didn't get down to Lincoln but was planning to next time! It's looking large there the next couple days. Too bad I missed the window of being there as there's nothing like being at those comps and I've yet to go to a BWR comp. How many days does it have to go for? I'm back in two weeks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EmassSpicoli View Post
    How many days does it have to go for? I'm back in two weeks.
    Just today unfortunately. I'd love to bail out and hit the coast this evening, but this thing that keeps the bills paid has me chained to a desk chair for a few more hours...