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Thread: First Surfboard

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    First Surfboard

    Any of you still have your first board? I've met some people that keep theirs on a rack in their garage. Mine was a NSP durable little funshape. Still use it.

  2. I got a completely destroyed 6' R. Richenberg off a used board rack in stone harbor NJ when I was 11. Im pretty sure it was waterlogged, I only stood up on the thing a few times, that was my first board. It was a $50 dollar special that my grandpa surprised me with after realizing how much I wanted it. I wish would have held onto it, but I passed it on to a friend when I was in High School and he passed it onto another friend who took it out to washington. Its probably in a landfill somewhere.

    I bought a new funshape when I was 12. My dad and I split the cost, worked my ass off mowing lawns all season to afford it. he wanted to get back into it. The board got stolen that very same night out of my grandmas back yard in Ocean City. My dad felt so bad we went out and got another one, which I have held onto ever since. Still paddle it out from time to time, its got hawaiian flowers painted purple on the nose, somewhat feminine but when youre 12 anything is cool.
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    First board was 5'7" Heritage from my cousin I still have. My first new board was a 6'3" Nirvana. Still have both boards, Heritage needs a little TLC, must be 25 years old. Nirvana still in great shape.

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    My first was a 7'6" WRV big guy new style fish shape it was a great board to learn on I rode that thing forever now its delaminated and has dings all over but it still floats probably soaks up some water though I haven't used it in a few years I got it in 04. I finally got my first new board a 6'0" sharp eye disco

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    My first board was a KS Semi-Pro chip that I got with two wettys, boots, and mitts. How much you think I surfed that stick? Correct. But I did sell it for $50 less than I got it and kept all the neoprene. The stick I got next (7'4 fun board) was when I started tasting any rides at all. So, there's the first board I purchased then there's the first board I started any surfing on. Let this be a testimonial to kooks everywhere as to what stick not to buy - an HP.

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    My first board was a 7'4" vernor funboard. I think it was 7'4" may have been 7'2". Either way it was my first.

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    First board was a 6' Hotline

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    My 1st surfboard was a 6'6" Line Drive (Skip Miller). Bought the board at Heritage in SIC NJ.Surfed that board forever in NJ. Owned plenty of boards after that and surfed them until they could not float. Now me and the family live in Florida and surf almost everyday and recycle boards.......ahhhh I will not bore you no more. I would hate to hijack this thread.

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    in the eye, 6'0'' heavy glassed with channels? cant remember 80's style thruster, wish I still had that board

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    First board was a Heritage 6'2" hippy trippy...My Dad traded in a '69 Con that we attempted to fix (a ton of resin...a quart of urethane...and little to no sanding) for the board--dad inherited the board and we had no idea what we were doing. Guy on LBI---tiki surf shop I think--traded me straight up for the Heritage--lost the original fin, but still a great ride. Plenty of repairs, dropped in a plug, and recently fixed a huge delam on one of the rails. Still a great board and fun on the right day...will never sell it!!!