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Thread: Pelagic Fish

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    Pelagic Fish

    This board seems interesting to me. I'm more of a front-footed surfer. I do stomp on the tail for bigger turns but I do like cruising. I saw this Pelagic fish from Lost. The board has a cut in the rails like snowboard rails only for a few feet in front on the leading fins. This looks like you can turn the board more from your front foot which is different for a surfboard. I like the idea.

    This looks like a RNF outline but definitely more refined. Can anyone help explain this design and if there are any local shapers who could shape this design? This also seems to have a wide range of waves and could handle waist to head high hollow? Any ride reports or any information on these boards?



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    bump. anyone?

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    I checked one out before deciding on the V2 Stub. It peeked my interest too because I snowboard a lot. I'm sure that board is fun but happy with my decision.