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    I tested out a carver resin with the CX truck, it was like a hybrid.. Had the surf feel but a little firmer and it was a standard looking truck. Could be the next pavement purchase to swap with the C7 every now and then.
    Try loosening up the nut. Whole new ball game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClemsonSurf View Post
    They're the boogieboards of carvers.
    Oh ya I got meself one o them too. They are the boogies of carvers. Once I got a longboard, the thing started collecting cobwebs.

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    Grommet, this is a Carver thread. Get a Carver then post with us bout Carvers.

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    Yea I had these wheels from my other long board (tan tien... dosent get any love these days lol) I need to llok into new wheels soon, any suggestions? I like some grip since I can slide the tail out whenever and dont really need super hard wheels.
    Depends on the surface you wanna ride on. Like i wrote the standard 78a Carver wheels worked great for me for streets. In the park on relatively smooth terrain i prefer my Divine 92a 60mm wheels and might even try some harder ones in the future.
    If you're in the States and want something 85a and up take a look at Rainskates. They have loads of different durometers available in different sizes and shapes. Read really good stuff about them at the silverfishlongboarding forum.
    Those Divine wheels look good as wheel as an allround wheel:

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    What I did was take a socket that was big enough to allow the head of the bolt to pass through it and put it over the head and into a vice. Then I used the vice to crank down on the broken end of the bolt, but the pressure would be on the socket and not the bolt head- allowing the bolt to be pushed out. Probably making sound way more complicated than it was, but it actually came to me in a dream. I realized i could have just bought a replacement but I just so happened to have the PERFECT matching bolt so it all worked out. To make sure the bolt was in tight I did the same process but switched the socket to the other side.
    Thanks, great idea and description.
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    Logan, I've been riding PP Bombers 64mm 85a in the bowls at the park with good success. So, so much slidier than the stock Carver Roundhouses but I can board slide and tail slide the bag outta those stocks with great success too and they do great in the pool too. Been experimenting with Bones SPF Skatetopia wheels too and those are hard as fark and sliiiiiidddeee.

    Problem is, as you know, harder the wheel the less carve. I like the grip for power production even in the pools and bowls. I find that if I'm not pumping much even when I have good speed then it all feels more skatey and less surfy. Drop-in needed to get speed without pumping.

    Round lip vs. square lip is huge when it comes to slide, control, and grip as variables. Not many people talk about that but it matters a ton.

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    I like these rainskate wheels.. Now im trying to figure out what set up will be best for me. I loved the 78a roundhouse but they got to coning on me bad. Now Im on the o-tang 83a durians which are fun but wearing out and I realize they are 10mm larger then the roundhouse; you guys are running wheels in the 64mm range? Both the roundhouse and the otangs had the square lip.. these rain skates seemed to be beveled, some double beveled.. (yellow hornets) but I am skeptical on that hard of a duro when it comes to maximum pumpage.. i need some guidance here.

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    Fellas, found this on Netflix the other day. It's an hour and a half well spent.

    Documentary: Dogtown and Z-Boys:

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    It's on netflix and Apple TV too as well as some on demand services.

    Unreal doc and I watch it regularly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mad Atom View Post
    Fellas, found this on Netflix the other day. It's an hour and a half well spent.

    Documentary: Dogtown and Z-Boys:
    When I was younger, my friend worked at Blockbuster.

    He stole 'Dogtown' for me and got fired.

    Pre-digital piracy at it's best...

    I never watched it.

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    You gave no thanks to your bro who sacrificed min wage for you. Lost out on seeing an all-time flick too. Crap, chicks even dig that movie so you could've watched it with a wahine.