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    And yes, they can go on any slab of wood, metal, Kevlar etc

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    Quote Originally Posted by EmassSpicoli View Post
    Bro. Please. Read the tread then see if your questions still need answering. Chances are, you'll be on a Carver by page 4. And stoked.
    sorry brah 22 pages is 21 to many for me and ight thanks

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    Ok breh we appreciate you stopping in at the Carver tread. Bai now



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    Probably the enemy of carver riders but anyone know anything about those kahuna sticks?

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    Clemmy, mrcoop, DPSUP, these guys just don't get it! lol

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    My carver and I have been seeing each other for about a month now. I love taking her out to my local strip-mall parking lot at night and slashing her to pieces.

    She's improved my out-of-water stoke tenfold and paid large dividends when the swell hits.

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    Another satisfied customer. The fact that any other imposter brands are still brought up in here is puzzling. Believe your fellow Swellers. Get stoked.

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    Ok braddahs, time to talk Carvers again.

    So just this week I've REALLY felt like I'm surfing while on the Carver. Visualization and technique and everything, I'm making it correspond to surfing and less now with what results in the highest performance relative to the Carver itself (...if you understand that).

    While I'm equally reliant on both feet in surfing, I've been really accenting the pivot on my pumps as well as trims on the Carver lately. My pumps are having a kick turn element to them where the front foot is very light and the nose gets displaced rather than shoved with the weight transfer. This took while to do as a habit since I didn't have a skate background prior and you don't kick turn on the Carver so much unless that's your skate muscle memory carrying over. My thinking is that this will help for propulsion while surfing as it will put more air under the board for a push forward. Would you guys agree or am I off base?

    Been getting really compressed on both pumps and rides when hitting inclines and banks and this has carried over huge into my surf sesh last night. I was way arm dominant and upper body dominant earlier in my surfing and Carver riding, now it's full body and using more legs and full core.

    Lastly, I felt last night during my surf sesh that my connection of foot to board was best ever. I didn't fall once in 10-12 rides in 2-3.5ft surf and that includes riding through the whitewash on sectiony drops and towards the end of rides. Not that I was anything close to maneuvering like it or even in comparable surf but all I could think of is when a great surfer lands an air and somehow manages to stay feet on the board and ride it out through the mush at the end. My feet felt like they were part of the board even when balance was off I'd be able to right it.

    Thoughts from a random Carver sesh. That's all. My suggestion is to truly visualize that you're surfing every minute you're on the Carver.

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    Can anyone comment / review the Carver inallofus? Very interested in this one - flat deck with rocker, 10" wide, the fully built only comes with CX.4 trucks (assuming they consider that the way to go on this one). This one really has me curious and there is almost no user review or info out there on it yet.

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    Not that iam that good of a surfer, but i have producing some strong roundhouses which I never did when I was a kid. I give props for the carver for producing such thing I never focused on until now is getting that foot all the way back on the surfboard for hacks and roundhouses...never did this until using the carver, for lay backs and slides.


    Just bought some Abec wheels and hatem...had oj's before that, they were good, but I honestly like the original carver wheels the best.