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  1. Red face Rare 1974 "Forgotten Island of Santosha" surf film poster by Bill Ogden 25" x 35"

    Surf memorabilia lovers take note, <br /> I have a very rare piece of surfing memorabilia you won't see often for sale on ebay. It is one of the coolest, collectible, and sought after posters ever made by one of the best surf artists ever...Bill Ogden. It is the original \\\"Forgotten Island of Santosha\\\" surf film promo poster which was offered at showings of that film back in 1974. My brother and I saw this film in Haleiwa, Hawaii that year and we bought 2 of them. We are selling one and keeping the other. It measures 25 inches x 35 inches and is in damn fine shape as it was stored in a airtight tube for over 39 years. There is absolutely no fading of the poster and it has very, very little wear on it. Anyone interested can see this collectible at this link: If that link doesn't work, let me know or do a search and see if you can find it. I also have a 1953 USAF C-9 28ft orange & white parachute with uncut cords in terrific shape for sale too though I know that has absolutely nothing to do with surfing. Thought you all might want to know. Wish I had known about this site before I sold my 9ft 1967 Gordon & Smith longboard a few months ago. Thanks and I hope it was okay to post this. Swim softly and carry a big fish. Aloha!<br /><br />Jay

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    the poster is free is you can pronounce his name.