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    Kind of a bummer...Seems that is pretty much the run of the mill life cycle of a basic PU stick though. Just get your ding guy to do a nice repair on her and move on. First fart in a new car seat, she ain't new no more. Do any of your other boards wear in that spot? Maybe the next time have your guy put a patch on your knee/heel spot. What was that cue delivered, tax,title and shipping charges? $800? Does your old lady know that? That's 2 new dishwashers and a coffee maker. Or 2 new sets of tires on the Camry. Can see where it hurts your heart. Seems this same thread is repeated constantly on this forum.
    I hear what you're saying, and will take it by wrv during our next flat spell. What's giving me so much heartburn is the fact that none of my other boards have ever had this problem, at least that I know of, this quickly. I get that things get dinged and this crap happens, just wasn't expecting it this quick.

    The good note was I picked this board up plus a brand new bag for well under 800. But, as my co-worker says: "I'm not worried about my wife selling my stuff when I die, just her selling it for how much I told her I paid for it."

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    for those who were wondering/care, got in touch with CI, they said to take the board to the shop I bought it and let their guy look at it...Getting my board fix at no charge. CI's rep determined the shaper had screwed up and CI would pick up the tab to have it fixed.

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    Awesome...surprised they picked up the tab---glad the rep was so honest! good on you following through...

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    Good to hear they are gonna take care of it.

    Hopefully it isn't a recurring issue. I don't really understand the 'crust cut' hypothesis, as was stated, but in my opinion, that's nothing a quick 80-grit sand and brush coating wouldn't fix.

    Then again, I've never had a brand new board, so I should probably just STFU- when I get a ding I want to cry. I feel like a failure.

    Like the kids in elementary school who have to take care of an egg for a week- the egg represents your child. All you have to do is NOT break the egg. Next thing you know, before the sun has even come up, you somehow crack the egg on a ceiling fan. FAIL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by live4truth View Post
    Awesome...surprised they picked up the tab---glad the rep was so honest! good on you following through...
    I was floored that they did too. I was fully expecting to be told to pack sand and then come home and do some good old fashioned internet smack talk about all things CI.

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    Quote Originally Posted by njsurfer42 View Post
    it's not falling apart & unless you think those quarter size dimples are taking on water, they're nothing to worry about. based on the pic, they're cracks in the gloss coat, not the actual fiberglass.
    Exactly.....If you ever do a have a "real" problem with a board like that get a shop or full time board builder/ding guy to help you with the contacting of the company in ?. They tend to blow off your average joe without some support.

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    Wow! I'm impressed!

    Not really sure how the fix is gonna go but that nonetheless I'm really surprised you got the response you did!

    CI isn't like they were back in the day. Nowadays they're just spittin boards out by the hundreds every day and are more of a marketing company.

    I've said it once and a million more..... have a good local shaper do your work for half the price. Not to mention the quality and materials will be way better!