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    Any newer surfers looking to surf tomorrow ? (Monday) Looking for new surfer friends

    Jacksonville, FL

    Title says it all. Relateively new to the area and 2 weeks surfing so far in Jacksonville, FL. I have a wet suit and my board. I've gotten up on waves...but probably stick to white wash tomorrow and maybe venture out to the bigger stuff if not totally crowded like it was yesterday.

    Any experienced surfers looking to surf tomorrow as well please let me know. I am a total kook, but when it comes to etiquette, I am not. I've done my research and would like to think I'm not going to endanger your life and piss you off too bad

    Just let me know....prefer you be over 21 if the possibility of beers sometime comes up.

    If it matters...I'm a 25 year old dude.

    Let me know !! I'll be out around 6 30 AM ish
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    It puts the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose again

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    Show us your DD's to elicit responses

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    If this is what Hello threads are gonna be like from now on then I take back all my props for the good recent content on SI.


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    Probably better off just going to the beach and making friends in the lineup. If you aren't doing anything to piss anybody off, i'm sure there will be a few dudes who wouldn't mind giving you some pointers if you ask nicely. We'd rather you learn what to do then be a menace out there for sure. If I see someone struggling and think they'll take my suggestions I'll help em out. I don't typically talk to people when i'm in the water, but i'm not a jerk if someone asks me anything. Just gotta be respectful, friendly, and not annoying like becoming a leech and following me around trying to maintain conversation.

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    Haha thanks guys.

    I'll show you my girls lower back tat if that's what you want. I dont have DD's unfortunately .

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    For a complete newbie....surfing by Jax surf shop over by the pier a good idea? I went out Saturday and my god I've never eaten so much **** in my life. I paddled out and one wave thrashed me so good I was laughing my ass off when I came back up out of poor embarassment.

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    Sure id love to come surf tomorrow.....oh wait its flat here -_-

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    dude brah im going to drive down there and show you how its done. if you ride my white water im going to cut you off and were going to fight brah. stay off my beach dude i dont need any more kooks on the inside taking my whitewater. who do you think you are brah? those are my ancle biters.

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    It puts the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose again
    Lol, that's funny