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    Belmar this weekend, what time???

    looks like another surf session followed up with a bench off in Djais. not necessarily in that order...

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    yo fitz i'd love to meet you. I'll be out at 16th most of the day saturday on sunday depending on the winds. i ride a white/green Mencel board and a grey/black xcel hooded suit. Come say whats up. I'm 10000% serious.

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    I keep hearing of Belmar, NJ, but am afraid I'm under prepared. Which training strategies do you guys recommend? I'll be using my wavejet attached to my jetski of course so I know I have the proper equipment.

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    Cocoa Beach will be firing. Were gonna sacrifice a virgin off The Pier at midnight, then go hit Ron Jons for new neon wettie tops, then its a dawn patrol tube off session: whoever logs the most time in the green room gets a free pitcher at Taco City. Least tube time has to donate his board to the Cocoloco Surf Mission for Homeless Haoles. Potluck dinner wraps up the festivities (someone please bring stronger edibles this time!). SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY!!!