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    New board build ideas and 757 fins

    Anyone have any experience with 757 style fins? I like the wavegrinder/high aspect ratio idea and they would be much easier to make and foil than your normal fins.

    These mini-simmons and long fish threads have me thinking about making another board. I've always liked the classic Lis fish design and can appreciate the mini-simmons design principles but I want something a little more pulled in at the tail. Maybe a fish is it but I'm kinda over the twinnies since I've had some trouble going rail to rail on them. A fish with a lot of V in the tail? I'm also thinking about some sort of compact disc shape. Oh yeah, I'm 6'1" 200+.

    Yes this will be wood. Fish bone construction. I'm going to go as light as possible, I found some 1/8" lauan plywood for the top and bottom decking and may buy some nice wood for the rails.

    This post is all over the place, I appologize. Feel free to chime in with any ideas, critiques of the shapes or fin experience.

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    Hey man.... check out Swaylocks.... lots of good ideas and info if you're planning on taking on yourself!

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    I had those fins on a quad quiet flight back in the 80's. From what I remember, I loved that board...I guess the fins were good. Wish I never got rid of that one. Amazing how things always come back in style...retro everything.

    I just googled that fin and my 757's had a bit more rake then what I saw after googling. Wouldnt mine trying the 757's again...would bring back some memories.

    keep us posted on the build...been contemplating on starting a build. Just what I need, another freakin hobby. Go from making surf rods now to boards.
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    Wanna try something completely different... that I think will work with the fins you want to try and the type of construction you're planning? A McCoy All Around Nugget... thruster setup. High volume nose to tail... ample entry rocker and subtle tail rocker... and you could get the loaded dome bottom just right using your internal frame construction. Guarantee you'll be the only kid on the block with one!