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    Quote Originally Posted by MFitz73 View Post
    Brah... the fitzpedo is a maneuver, not an outfit. lol.
    My apologies Fitz. But it does remove a mental image I don't mind never having again.

    Maybe you should start a line of swimwear based on the Fitzpedo maneuver. Would sell well in Brazil I hear.

    "You can't pull of a Fitzpedo unless you're wearing one!"

    I should have gone into marketing, they don't work on weekends...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steamy Ray Vaugn View Post
    Real surfers don't work.

    Start selling drugs or something.

    Move to Pleasantville,'ll be minutes from Ocean City, and you can hang out on Main St and West Jersey the bus depot.

    Or start scaring people. Borrow some black guys from North Wilmington and show up at your boss' house and let him know you ain't one to fool with. Make sure you leave your car stereo on playing Rick Ross when you ring his door bell. Make sure your pants are sagging and your boxers are showing. That shows people you mean business. Cuff your left pant leg to insinuate you're pacing heat. Then you can do what you want at work.

    Good tips. I hear you can make good money that way, and enjoy the free crack hoes. Healthcare and 401k, not so much...

    I think I'll just send one of my fellow freak friends by wearing a tutu, flippers, mask, and snorkel, a fake green afro, carrying a flamethrower and dragging a dead goat behind him on a leash. He's like 6'5" and 280lbs. I think that will send the message, and have him just scream "PANCAKES" over and over when he opens the door. You don't F with crazy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 757surfer View Post
    same here...... i am going to durahn,nc when i could be going to buxton to get pitted off my ass. but i have to be responsible and take my brother to his hockey tournament, im going to be 3 hour away. im kicking my asss so hard right now............................................... ..... hang in there tlok. im right there with ya
    Brothers in arms...

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    BTW the name. Your posts remind me of someone, can't put my finger on it...

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    most everyone up here with that size,direction and period swell is going to be waiting for the tide all day,surfing closeouts or just driving all over only to end up surfing closeouts anyway

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    Quote Originally Posted by beachbreak View Post
    most everyone up here with that size,direction and period swell is going to be waiting for the tide all day,surfing closeouts or just driving all over only to end up surfing closeouts anyway
    in my small corner of da world my media sources say swell looks good/swell direction looks good/tide forecasts are fine as are wind..theres' a kind of hush...

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    i know,but not from my angle.i meant that up here on ese medium that size it's always too low or too high meaning it sucks here because of the angle unless you go to jenks at low tide and fight it out

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    Sucks dude... At the very least you better let your boss know you are making a big sacrifice to be a team player

    Quote Originally Posted by tlokein View Post
    Would if I could. The outage was scheduled by the business and I can't change it. Or course its in the middle of the day...not enough time for dawn patrol and get back, or to go after.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by tlokein View Post
    This winter has sucked for me. Now finally a weekend where the surf and weather lines up and I'm NOT on call. Plans made to bail Fri PM and stay with friends in Wilmywood Fri night or ride down early Sat and hit CB.

    Then I come in to work today and at 10AM I'm told I have to come in tomorrow...for one freaking thing that will take literally 10 mins. No way to do it remotely either.

    I wish I knew what gods I have offended and what sacrifices I need to make to rectify my transgressions.

    Help me out peeps. What do I need to do to remove the curse? Drown an aggro fueled kook? Attack a bull shark with my bare hands and wearing nothing but a Fitzpedo? Beat a latex dummy senseless? Just tell me my penance and I'll do it.

    Going nuts...must...have...waves...

    !@#*(&^!@()!@#$#)(&!#$)(&!@#%))!)**!!!!! (Will this get me another infarction for potty mouth?)

    I feel you my man, these kooks are making me come into work tomorrow for some bs

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    If it makes you guys feel any better, I had to work the Saturday of the Andrea swell...and the Doomsday swell. And both times I agreed to like weeks in advance, so I F'd myself in the A.