[QUOTE=tekkster;223807]Jacksonville, FL

Title says it all. Relateively new to the area and 2 weeks surfing so far in Jacksonville, FL. I have a wet suit and my board. I've gotten up on waves...but probably stick to white wash tomorrow and maybe venture out to the bigger stuff if not totally crowded like it was yesterday.

Any experienced surfers looking to surf tomorrow as well please let me know. I am a total kook, but when it comes to etiquette, I am not. I've done my research and would like to think I'm not going to endanger your life and piss you off too bad QUOTE

more likely you're a beginner. a kook is someone who is clueless or chooses to ignore surfings'
many rules. birth/death aside a surfer goes through 3 separate phases…beg, int, advanced.
(kelly did a cool interview on this once…)