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    Selling new Kechele 6'4 board

    Attachment 10481New...6'4.

    Its a bit discolored because I have traveled with the board for quite some time, but I dont even ride it . I have a similar one and I rode it twice.

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    Nice board man!

    Matt Kechele is top notch when it comes to shaping!

    Little big for me but you should't have trouble finding someone to take it!

    Got the tail rail patches too!

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    Yea someone should buy this. I never rode it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by surftb15 View Post
    Yea someone should buy this. I never rode it!
    I would if I had 300 shmackers in my pocket.

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    I have had a couple of Kechele hybrids - the "Stub fish" and a "Super fish" and they really work great in bowly beachbreak (waist high up to head high). He is a great example of the lineage of high performance shapers in East Central Florida such as Greg Luhr, Mike Tabeling, Donnie Mulhern, Richard Price, Greg Geisleman ...

    You should have no trouble selling that one.


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    Fosho! The East Coast especially Florida (sorry yanks) has some really good master shapers! Both Greg's I highly respect and are top notch! Matt Kechele, Randy Richenburg, Ricky Carroll etc... Have to include a friend of mine who's trained under Greg Geiselman for many years and is also a really good shaper Craig Cronin. He really does some great boards!

    I know there's a few names I did not include so I apologize, but we definitely have some top notch guys down here!