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    50 here homeboy

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    Water temps take a while to warm up. You generally don't see much, if any, of a warm up in March, and then it increases very slowly in April and May.

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    Water hit 60 down here, time to break out the banana hammock, hallelujah!

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    Feb and March are always the coldest water temps... But at least you start to get some warmer air in March

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    Quote Originally Posted by seldom seen View Post
    Cold, buoy 30 miles offshore is at 37. Can't wait for 40 degree water. be exact.

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    What is the highest temp that the water gets up there in the summer?

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    Seems we got back into the low 40s this week off VB. I haven't been out since Sunday though. Been pretty flat this week. Windy too.

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    From what I remember of water temps in Mass last year, and I was charging nearly every day even if it was 12in, this is what I recall in 2013:

    - Sustained low of 36 through Feb and most of March
    - Comfortable in a hoodless 4/3 most all of April
    - From late April through early May, temp rose 13 degrees in 17 calendar days
    - Charged in mid-May on a sunny Saturday for 20 minutes in just baggies and boots and was shivering not hypo
    - 3/2 in May was more than adequate, could do a 2/2 shortsleeve this year
    - Was trunking it with 1.5mm reef boots by mid-June for up to 60 mins
    - Trunked it in Maine for 60-90 mins in July when everyone had 3/2s on in flat lineup
    - Topped out between 71 and 74 (for maybe 2 days) in August
    - Was back down between 58 to 61 in late September, 2mm topper and baggies were fine
    - Wore 3/2 with 3mm boots and 1.5mm gloves with ease through November
    - Think I busted out 5/4 Drylock finally last Saturday in November
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    Decided to check the monthly averages and they like up for the most part with my recollection. Note: not going hoodless in April no matter if I am in the 4/3 or 3/2 (my likely choice). I've got the cap to wear to cover ears as I don't care to have them later drilled. Also, disregard any of the "feats of strength" listed like the May trunking as that was kind of a joke that me and the good brahs got on tape to see the reactions of the busy beach goers that day. I do not suggest most or any of you charge sans wetty in MA or north in the month of May.

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    just wait till theres no waves everyone will want to cold water back.