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    Crappy waves and kooks! Gotta see this!!!

    Quick little vid of NSB (Florida) for those wondering!

    Think you may find it interesting.....

    Also snow and ice on the beach, down here they leave it in the car!

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    Gorkin still gettin it. How old is that guy? Seems like I've seen him on videos for 20 years.

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    Wrong video? Looks like great waves and great surfers. But what's with the obsession with doing 360's on a surfboard? Doing it on almost every wave. Just looks awkward. I'm notcing this a lot in surfing competitions and stuff. Just grab a sponge if you want to spin. lol

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    I can dig up some 80's style Martin Potter video's if you don't like the way surfing has progressed....

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    Here you go.... no 360's in this vid...

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    Quote Originally Posted by wavehog1 View Post
    I can dig up some 80's style Martin Potter video's if you don't like the way surfing has progressed....
    People seem to forget the wave is the main attraction, not tricks. Their just some icing on the cake.

    Yeah I don't like the way a lot of the adventure sports have progressed including snowboarding(give me craig kelly). Too much spinning in the air. Doesn't look as smooth anymore.

    This was the pinnacle of pro bodyboarding from 1991
    Got to love the announcing about mike stewart's "secret" maneuver! The ell rollo! Imagine seeing that for the first time in a contest. Insane.

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    pro body boarding, lol, kinda like pro barbie doll house playing or pro gi joe-ing, lolololololo

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    That's funny, research what Tom Curren said about Stewart at Pipe.

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    I'll take those crappy waves any day of the week. I thought I saw a few barrels, was I imagining it? I agree the airs are not as aesthetic as a figure 8 cutback, but those guys shred. That place is a breeding ground for hyper aggro surfing maneuvers and when these guys get on big lined up surf they take surfing to another level. Kooky 360 airs?