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if u surf at the nude beach u will get raped by homosexuals.its not worth it.iv seen things that scarred me for lyfe.the best part is these crossdresser/gays are usually wall st bankers and lawyers.u let one of them fondle ur genitals,they might buy u a new car
That place is scary. One of the park rangers I know told me that its the rookies job to watch for lewd acts through binocs and make arrests. Not sure what a counts as a lewd act there cause every time ive walked through or near it, its basically one giant lewd act. In my 20 yrs surfing ive caught it good to phenomenal in that general area about a dozen times after relentlessly searching , checking , parking , walking, driving......Every time I catch it, its a catch 22 im not sure if the surf is worth the mental scars and the paddling in the extra strength current.