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    Depends on your tolerance. You can get away with a 4/3 in NJ/NY . Need thick gloves and booties though. Def invest in the FTS poncho makes changing a whole lot nicer in the parking lot.

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    Back in the day my first hooded full suit that I used through the NJ winters, an Oneil 4/3 Heat with 5 mil boots & 3 mil gloves. The coldest days I also wore a 2 mil vest. Today 5/4, 5 mil gloves & 7 mil booties.

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    depends on how long you want your session to be.... want to be in the water for an hour and get pretty cold toward the end.... save money and get a 4/3, hooded vest and 5mm gloves and boots. want a longer session... get a 5/4 nuff said...

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    same here… first 'winter suit' was a 4/3 Xcel. Back in the 90's… had the vest too… not too fun. i'd rather be over suited and sweat than freeze. performance when too warm > performance when too cold.