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Thread: Surfline+2'

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    There is somethin fishy going on and I am determined to find out wtf is going on.

    In my adventures of being desk jockey and managing a small engineering staff, I always find time to check up on the local surf reports everyday. However, where does Surfline get there forecasting information from because every eye report I see is usually 2 feet over what the Sean Collins and Co. are forecasting. How do they have audacity to even charge fellow wave riders alike a whopping $69/year?

    With the amount of traffic that site must generate in terms of advertising dollars at least they should give a decent eye witness report.


    within the 72 hour range that is
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    i totally agree man, i've surfed days when Surfline calls it 2-3ft and its easily head high. i've found that swellinfo is the most accurate but you've got to realize that the guys at Surfline are a bit jaded and forecast major swells, where they usually gauge the waves by Hawaiian standards or by the back of the wave. By a rule you can usually double whatever Surfline says for the size of the face of the wave.

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    I cancelled my subscription to surfline 2yrs ago when I moved back from SC because of that. They suck. Swellinfo rules. And, NDBC.NOAA.GOV has the raw data.

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    Surfline in Ocean City, MD is consistently inaccurate and NEVER updated. That site stinks and if you want to see their camera view go to the Malibus surf report website. Screw them and their subscriptions!

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    Surfline doesn't give a flying crap about the EC. You'll see the same forecast from NH down the entire coast some days. They are pretty fixated on the Pacific side of things - the California and Hawaii forecasts are very in depth. That's fine and all, then don't reach out to the EC, and charge money for your "services". There were plenty of days this Spring when Surfline called for "flat" and "clean" when there were perfect thigh to waist peelers out there. I'll look at the cam for the 30 seconds they "allow" me, but other than that, they can suck it.

    Swell Info for life, nukka!!

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    i'm not trying to defend surfline because there east coast forecasts do suck and swellinfo is wayyyyyy better. However, surfline is a california based website and in calfornia (and basically everywhere else in the world) 2-3ft of swell is head high. 3ft of jersey swell at 7 seconds is a waist high wave. 3ft of california swell at 15 seconds is overhead. Take their reports with this in mind and you'll at least understand where their coming from. Still not worth the premium membership fees though. I stopped my membership as soon as i discovered swellinfo.