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    I would be all over thigh to waist...sounds like a fun session to me...heck, had some of the best sessions even @ thigh high...I'd be pumped up!

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    I'd also be pumped to wake up to a call like that. Never happens though because I'm the guy calling. No one ever answers so I paddle out alone. Thigh/waist high day is totally worth it even in the dead of winter

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dune View Post
    We all know that one guy who wakes you up early morning claiming theres good size swell in the water and that you should hurry down to the beach and get on it. Then your quick to find out that its tiny thigh to waist bump and your friend is flipping sh*t "bro bro your on that man look at that spit bro". Cant even count that far on how many times this has happen to me. Pretty sure this has happen to quite a few of you swellies.
    Guys like that suck. I mean c'mon! Why waste your time when you are getting overhead waves 4-6 times a week on the east coast. It sounds like your go to spot is belmar.

    Question: do you go out when it's big chunk honkin onshore? If so, I need a surfing buddy very soon like right now. The tide is high so it'll work. You know it's bigger than waist high. I went out yesterday and it was fun especially late afternoon. So c'mon. What's up?

    I live in vb. Where are the shredders?
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    Why can't people just be happy they have a wave at all. I was out yesterday in Anna Maria, knee - thigh, 20 knots plus wind, major sideshore with south swell. Hell, i was happier than pig in s**t. If someone would call me in the morning and say get on the water, hell i'd be there in a minute

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    its one thing to say "hey man, it looks fun. Clean and knee to thigh". It's something else entirely when the same conditions are describes as 'epic, chest to head plus'.

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    S@lt lyfe for lyfe broahz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I would love to have someone who called me and wanted me to go surf with them all the time. I'd probably spend a lot more time in the water and be a happier person. It is always a question weather to get up and dawn patrol a day where its "only" thigh high, but when you know you gonna at least get a smile and a hoot from a bud and catch a wave or two that what lifes about. Even if the person is exaggerating about the swell, its better than what I was doing anyway.
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    This is F'n hilarious!!!

    As soon as I read the OP... I thought to myself..."this is me, I must be a real goon!" then I started reading down through the posts and I'm happy to not feel alone.

    Funny how everybody came right out with it... If there were only that one guy the parking lot at NSB jetty park wouldn't be full at 6am everyday you can't get on the beach and there's no swell!

    In Florida there's a strip of beach from North Daytona through South New Smyrna that you are allowed to drive on. Its roughly 30 miles and is broken up by the Inlet at Ponce/NSB. When the tide is to high or its too sandy they close the beach. Also you aren't allowed to drive on the beach till 8am. This really puts a damper on dawn patrol! The parking lot at Jetty park opens at sunrise though so you can park there and then make the two mile hike through the nature preserve boardwalk out to the beach. Dumps you right off in front of the break.

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    its one thing to say "hey man, it looks fun. Clean and knee to thigh". It's something else entirely when the same conditions are describes as 'epic, chest to head plus'.
    The problem is, it's sometimes just plain hard to read what your seeing. One day could be knee to waist breaking lose to shore, the next waist to chest breaking 200 feet further out. Both can look very similar relative to your distance from the breaking wave. I have called people excited by what I was seeing and they will pull up the cam and say it looks small and weak. I'll say well I'm here already I'm going out, I'm at this street etc. if you change your mind. Then I paddle out into perfect knee to waist high waves with bigger sets as the tide fills in. Its perfectly understandable not to drop firm plans for the chance that I'm right, but if your just sitting around on a beautiful day? I guess you gotta love small waves to think its worth the risk that my assessment is off, either way surfing is always better than not surfing.
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