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I love reaidng sharkhunters posts, so much internet talk and no clue about actual surfing waves, its awesome.

No beach breaks can handle big swell, puerto, blacks, supertubes, etc, all cant handle big waves, all closed over 3 feet...
I wonder has sharkhunter actually seen these things he talks about or just makes it up. Supertubes and Nazare breaks rather close and so do some other top notch heavy beachies, but hey what do I know, I just went there and surfed them instead of pounding bs into a keyboard

if if someone wants to quote me so turkuunter can see it, cool, if not, cool too.

between this guy and young William, this place is a total gas....
Do you know how to read? LOL I just posted a video of ocean beach san fran, which is a BEACH BREAK. AND I mentioned puerto escondido. You just got owned. Go home