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    Back to the OP.

    Listen to Mr. Swell Info. He knows.

    Yes, a reef/point/inlet or any other significant structure will probably be better than the relatively straight sandbars a barrier island type beach usually has.

    Alternatively, scout around. Look down the waterline at high and low tides for sections of the beach that jut out a bit. Maybe 50-100yds wide. Keep an eye on that spot the next clean, small swell. Watch how the swell bends around it. If you have 2 miles of straight beach and this one section is different then the bottom contour has a good chance of being different too. Sections of the beach like that often don't have much of a trough, or none at all, between the outer bar and the beach and it refracts the long period swells just different enough to give you a make able wave.
    Flat/straight beaches are notorious for close outs. A natural beach is generally not straight. It juts in and out. The straightness is from dumping sand/overdevelopment/destruction of marshes that naturaly replesnish sand.

    Here's a natural beach from cape cod, Unfortunately it's not really safe anymore due to sharks since the idiots won't relocate the seals or cull the sharks there. Fishing for sharks to control numbers is a good idea and getting ride the seals will cause the sharks not to come into shore like that. Their coming there for a reason. They smells the seals. It will probably take a few more attacks(a certainty) and in the next few years before the authorities act. I don't believe there was a shark attack for 60 years or so and now a few in the past few. Common sense.
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