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Thread: Trip planning

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    Trip planning

    I've been tons of places on the east coast and visited alot of fun breaks, but I really want to plan a long distance surf trip - wanna cash in on those sought-after waves you really have to hunt down.

    I hear and read all kinds of stories about PR/CR etc, its a difficult choice to make for a guy who hasn't yet surfed outside the US. Stingy as it sounds, I wanna get the most waves for my money (not just a day or two swell, but a place with a reputation for good wave quality and consistency) Obviously no one is going to sell out their dream spots, I just want a solid area that I can rent some wheels and scope out the old fashioned way. Any ideas?

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    see recent 'peru' thread and go for the bang for buck approach...

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    Can the mods block the words Costa and Puerto like the words **** and **** to stop this never ending cr /pr forum thread madness?

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    ^^Heres what it looks like^^
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    omg thats amazing, but RIsurfer does have a point. However if your, not so well known spot is going off, we all know the crowded perfect right down the block is doing an even better interpretation. However if for the outside the US theme, Indo seems pretty insane if you're about that type. Puerto rico is close and great, hawaii is also something you want to go to before you die.

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    I will have my vacation time in 6 months,i can never find anyone to go to mexico with.u will get ur moneys worth

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    Grommet are you talking about a break that's actually quite well known there in Rhodey?

    That's a nice rampy shoulder to the left but I bet a bunch of the Jerz and other barrell chasers would opt to take off behind the lip if they were going left so they can get kegged/pitted rather than slotted (thanks to LBCrew's definition!).

    Tough to compare anything to Ship's and def not a head-high wave. It seems to behave like no other plus has the burp down the line to the right so you basically have to make two drops. That wave stokes the hell out of me to watch but the more times I see it the less safe it looks.

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    Go to the Galapagos Islands, Search Chile's Coast so many perfect uncrowded waves in that country. Screw costa rica go to Nicaragua at least. Puerto Rico has been having a terrible year for some reason, but when theres swell its insane.

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    Galapagos looks awesome in so many ways, even outside of surf. I remember looking it up a year ago, but recall right about now til May was their best season, right?