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Thread: The Cove

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    Last time I was there it was breaking on the beach and really ****ty isn't even worth driving up that far chances of getting it proper are slim and when it's good there everywhere else is bigger and just as good

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    Belmar Breaks better on any conditions....

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    the cove gets good but it takes the conditions I've given above. Either way wrightsville is way better

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    Quote Originally Posted by ihatelongboarders View Post
    The cove in Sandy Hook?

    It needs a south swell to really get going. West winds are usually the best. In regards to tides mid low thru to mid high is usually best. Have fun!
    I remember as a sandy hook lifeguard watching the southerly swell arrive and happily being assigned
    the surfing beach where we worked an hour, surfed an hour…all day
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    Nahh, he means The Cove in Cape May.

    On strong SE swells with South winds head all the way down the Garden State Parkway to Cape May.

    Find the beach (Just follow the signs that say, "To Beaches")

    Then head south towards the Delaware Bay.

    Ax any cool looking dudes you might see, " Hey brah, did the storm significantly change the sandbars around here? And yo, could you please direct me to The Cove." Tell them you just drove down from Ocean City. Cape May guys love Ocean City guys who bless them with their presence. Just love them.

    Watch out for Cape May guys. They are kind of like a surfer version of the dudes in Deliverance. Be wary if you hear a banjo playing.

    Cape May shines when the rest of the coast is like 2-3 foot. It's like triple that.

    Remember SE and South winds.........

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    Your dedication is remarkable.

    Quote Originally Posted by walkingonh2o View Post
    Belmar Breaks better on any conditions....

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    Quote Originally Posted by nynj View Post
    Your dedication is remarkable.
    I hate that I still love this.

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    The Cove at Northside in Delaware or the Cove at Palos Verdes, CA?

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    ok since theres multiple spots called the cove,i will address every surf spot as the cove.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jlmlax99 View Post
    Anyone wanna share with me the conditions that the cove gets good? Wind direction, swell direction, tides, etc. You can private message me if you want
    Hmmmm.... lax.... Sandytoes? Is that you?

    Quote Originally Posted by Blackfish View Post
    The Cove used to be really good...just went away. The Surf House is still good.
    Quite good. I dig Hang Ten for something a little less healthy as well. The Surf House always has good, spicy arugula.

    Quote Originally Posted by gnargnarshredda View Post
    ask robbie johnson. I'm sure he'll tell ya. Eff it....... ssw swell with an east wind, a full moon, and any tide. Oh, and you aren't allowed to wear a leash surfing there. Some kinda coast guard law.
    No, no no! Only a high tide, full moon and they don't allow wetsuits either. The swell needs to be more out of the West than the Southwest. You can only access it by hovercraft or expedition 4x4.