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Anyone wanna share with me the conditions that the cove gets good? Wind direction, swell direction, tides, etc. You can private message me if you want
Hmmmm.... lax.... Sandytoes? Is that you?

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The Cove used to be really good...just went away. The Surf House is still good.
Quite good. I dig Hang Ten for something a little less healthy as well. The Surf House always has good, spicy arugula.

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ask robbie johnson. I'm sure he'll tell ya. Eff it....... ssw swell with an east wind, a full moon, and any tide. Oh, and you aren't allowed to wear a leash surfing there. Some kinda coast guard law.
No, no no! Only a high tide, full moon and they don't allow wetsuits either. The swell needs to be more out of the West than the Southwest. You can only access it by hovercraft or expedition 4x4.