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    CR Surf trip the end of June


    i know this has probably been discussed before but i couldn't find anything.

    I am planning on taking the family away the Mid of June and just so happens I want to make sure we go somewhere there is surf. Looking closely at Guanacasta area, Playa negra through Papagayo region. i know the surf could be big i am just concerned about the rain. Does it rain everyday? are we going to be stuck in the hotel every afternoon.?

    Any other suggestions for good surf, warm, and family friendly for June?


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    Forgot to mention it is my anniversary as well.

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    Guanacaste is not too rainy that time of the year. Afternoon-evening showers are common but it's not like the full on rainy season. You might get a few days of rain, but doubtful it will seriously interfere with surfing. Watch out for dengue though, it is pretty bad in parts of CR esp during rainy season. Use your mosquito repellant religiously.

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    It's the middle of the rainy season. the latest in the year I've seen it was the end of may, and those storms are intense. It would be cool to actually see when it's full bore. I've heard some crazy crap from those who experienced it. I used to go 2 weeks after Easter, and the waves looked chocolate after a hard down poor. but that could have been because it hadn't rain months prior.

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    It does look like rainfall in June can be kinda bad - July and August totals are much lighter. Definitely avoid Oct/early Nov.

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    Its going to rain.... you can definitely count on that. Its not as bad in Guanacaste region. Its a little dryer up there but not by much. Probably won't monsoon everyday but you will most likely see rain daily at least in the afternoon. I think you will appreciate it though. It keeps things a little cooler that time of year. During the dry season the heat can really be oppressive.

    I don't think the rain is going ruin your vacation though.

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    if you're a tube hound and a regular foot and can shake a wave or two out of the packs' grip i think
    playa negra is a good choice.